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An Extreme Approach? How Microtask Breaks Projects Down into Tiny Tasks

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One company which have had a reasonable amount of media coverage in the last few months are a Finnish company called Microtask.  I think they’re a very interesting specimen in the crowdsourcing landscape – someone taking an almost automated approach to crowdsourcing just about as far as it can go at the moment. In fact even their CEO Willi Miettinen calls it an “extreme approach.”


Innovative Twists on Crowdsourcing: and More


One of the fascinating things about crowdsourcing is discovering the various twists on the concept that entrepreneurs have come up with.  I’m absolutely sure that 2011 will throw up some innovative new business models and some very clever start-ups, but even in the existing crowdsourcing palette there are some very neat ideas out there, some of which have been established for a number of years.  It’s fun to do a little surfing and see if you can stumble upon the next


2011 Shaping up to be a Massive Year for Crowdsourcing: Partnership with HSN and More


We’re not too far into the 2011 and it already seems there a lot of activity in the crowdsourcing field. Things are happening in the market – community innovation platform Napkin Labs announced they had achieved $1.1m USD in funding, whilst service marketplace announced they had acquired two smaller European rivals. ..more