11 Crowdfunding Platforms and Examples

Crowdfunding is one of the more important aspects of crowdsourcing. Later I will write about the implications of the rise of crowdfunding for venture capital and other early stage funding sources. To start here are some examples of crowdfunding, many of them in creative domains.

Kickstarter is a well developed creative crowdfunding platform, covering films, music, games, theatre, technology and far more. It uses the common all-or-nothing model, so projects are only funded if they raise their target funds in a defined period. It does not offer equity in the ventures, but project creators can provide specific rewards for funders. Kickstarter gained attention when the new open source competitor to Facebook, Diaspora*, sought $10,000 and has already raised over $180,000 before the funding period is over.


IndieGogo, originally providing crowdfunding for independent filmmakers, has diversified across other creative, environmental, and community endeavours. It offers a bonus of 5% of the funds raised if funders reach their goal, and also allows project creators to offer tax deductions to funders.


Sellaband provides a space for musicians to raise money, having already raised over $3 million for bands who want to record, tour, or promote their music. Bands can offer freebies, or sometimes a share in revenues.


ArtistShare has a similar model to SellaBand, providing fans a way to fund recording projects since 2003. Rewards include limited edition recordings, access to recording sessions, and liner credits.


Fashion Stake has already garnered significant publicity before its launch. The intent is to fund fashion designers and buy stakes in forthcoming collections in return for credits to purchase clothes. The site will also offer consumers voting on designs and the opportunity to share ideas.


MyFootballClub used a crowdfunding model to purchase English Conference National football team Ebbsfleet United, with the owners voting to manage the team. While initially the team was very successful in the field, many initial subscribers didn’t renew, so the team is currently experiencing financial problems. It is now using an ‘Adopt a Player’ system to raise funds.

Film crowdfunding is an active space. The climate change documentary The Age of Stupid was successfully crowdfunded, providing lessons on How to Crowdfund Your Film. When it was launched in 2006 I wrote about A Swarm of Angels, the venture that kicked off film crowdsourcing. While this project still isn’t off the ground, it has paved the way for similar ventures.

BuyaCredit.jpg allows individuals to fund mainstream films in return for a name in the credit roll or additional perks. The teenagers behind the site created it to help fund making a film based on a Jules Verne story, however it is available for others to fund their projects.

Kiva uses crowdfunding for microfinance, providing loans in developing countries. This is a major success, having lent over $130 million so far. Since it lends to deserving entrepreneurs, once the funds are repaid the original lender can lend to another cause, donate the funds, or withdraw them.


ChipIn is a simple fundraising site which asks for donations for any purpose. It uses widgets to broaden the visibility of fundraising efforts.


My friend Charles Armstrong is using crowdfunding to raise £1 million in equity for his network analysis firm Trampoline Systems. He provides an overview of the process here. This is a great story which I will write about in more detail later.

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    Hey, don't forget some other cool ones getting going:

    Fundbreak –

    Sponsume –

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    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for starting this list. Crowdfunding is something I believe will be a very powerful new tool.

    I would like to add to your list.

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    Trampoline Systems also give back, by providing the coworking space The Trampery. Excellent people.


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    I am curently in the process of developing a brand new crowdfunding company offering a new way to raise investment capital for business. The website is currently under construction with a launch date in September. You can get updates on our progress at

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    Please also add these UK and Europe based crowdfunding sites:

    Crowdfunder –
    Crowdcube –

  • Pino Foris

    Crowdfunding platform for filmmakers

  • Pino Foris – We’re the funding & distribution platform of independent movies connecting artists & fans worldwide.

  • digidave
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    Awesome article. Had never heard of some of these. I know of another, It is crowdfunding without deadlines!

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    this is a brazilian website take a look

  • Felipetaveira

    Hello guys this is a template for those who wants to create their own crowd plataform

  • HelpersUnite connects artists, entrepreneurs, and charitable organizations with supporters who are compelled to contribute time, talents, and funding to help reach a common goal. The first-ever platform to combine fundraising for creative and business ventures with charitable giving and online event ticketing, inspires the best in social networking for worthy causes.

  • Greg Priday

    I created a free crowd funding plugin for WordPress.

    This frees you up to fund any project you like, without any fees. It’s powered by PayPal, which means you can use it in most parts of the world.

    It’s a decent alternative.

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    Hello Greg,
    My Names Mary and I am looking for crowdsouring plateforms in translation. Have you got any name to give me? Thank you in advance.

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    You should include Flattr which is much more popular than and versatile than many of the platforms you’ve listed so far…