Crowdsourcing Landscape – Discussion

Click on the image to download a high-resolution version

The Crowdsourcing Landscape is intended to be a starting point for conversation. This is Beta version 1.0 of the landscape. Based on your comments and feedback we will improve it and create the next versions.


We won’t be able to include all crowdsourcing platforms in the visual, as it would get too crowded, but we will shortly launch a wiki of crowdsourcing tools which we will try – with your help! – to make as complete as possible.


Later we will start separate discussions around a number of different aspects of the framework. For now, please just let us know your thoughts, feedback and input!

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  • Tatiana Andrushko

    Thank you for this Landscape. It is one of the best list I’ve ever seen. That is really great that we have experience of positive interaction with the companies which stand out for their professionalism, quality of work, ethics, and their commitment to providing great customer service.

    I would like to add to the list our company, another great crowd-sourcing example, , an automated Global Consulting and Innovation Think Tank.
    Hundreds of well-credentialed consultants and accomplished innovators from around the world and across all required expertise categories simultaneously collaborate with each other and contribute their best ideas, advice and solutions to your problems. Or give you constructive and honest feedback plus access to the sharpest brainstorming partners. And if need be we'll find you solutions for fair conflict resolution.

  • Larry

    You should add Edison Innovations, Inc. They use crowdsourcing for generating intellectual property.

  • Florian Fiegel

    Hi, I am working at and we missed our company under Microtasks. It would be great if you add it in the next version. But the map is very good work.

    Maybe you could release the Source so everybody could add companies and restructure. Getting back to the idea of corwdsourcing and collaboration.

    Florian Fiegel –

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  • konterkariert

    You should add

    Google Ventures invested in this Paid Search Marketing Crowdsourcing Service for SMB SEM.

    – Google Ventures backs Trada’s crowdsourced approach to search marketing

  • Vidar 'blacktar' Andersen

    Great work! I'm missing and though. Very interesting services with high profile names behind them.

  • Ross Dawson

    Thanks to all who have been pointing out additional sites to include.

    We're aware of them and are working out how to approach this. We are getting up a crowdsourcing wiki which aims to be complete but have had technical problems – this will be done soon.

    Clearly there are limits to how many companies we can put on the one chart. We're considering doing a very busy version with even more logos, or simply selecting the most prominent in each category (which is how it was originally designed, but we missed a few and the landscape changes quickly :-) )

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  • Darren

    Check out Crowdcube at – a new UK based crowdfunding web site aimed at funding startups in return for equity.

  • Fredrik Wigge

    We also like to be on your nice landscape map

    So here is some information about based in Sweden

    Please check out our film

    For more information

  • Eric Edelstein

    Fantastic image – thanks for putting this together. As mentioned, the “new kid on the block” but one worth keeping an eye on, is our startup (

  • Ricardod

    Dear Ross

    Great job. I would remove starbucks from idea (mgt system) platforms and include imaginatik

    ricardo dos santos, qualcomm


    Maybe we could collaborate the next version – my current version can be found here –

  • Microtask

    Would also make sense to add (under the category “microtasks”).

  • Pascal Isman

    Une carte du web interressante, #Crowdsourcing

  • Casey

    Love the visual breakdown. Always nice to see things in an “infographic” sort of way.

  • Markus Zabel

    Really nice crowdsourcing landsacpe but unfortunately in the last months especially in Europe a bunch of new crowdfunding platforms. One is, would be very nice if you update the landscape to put it in the area of crowdfunding.

  • Daniel Demmel

    I think you should consider adding FON ( ) as crowdsourced network / internet infrastructure, quite a few big corporate telcos are embracing it now too, which holds great potential!

  • Carlo Soresina

    Thanks for putting this together.

    I would add another platform in the Distributed Innovation section

    It has started in the Cleantech space and is now moving to other technology verticals.

  • Guest

    Wow thats a pretty good overview you give there! 

    One design crowdsourcing platform you missed would be 


  • Jacopo

    Did you know about A new way of thinking the product.. An Open Design platform for participatory design. Alessi and such crowdsource their design development to an international community of creative people.

  • Zul Tsyok