Matt Barrie, CEO of – Outsource Everything

Matt Barrie, CEO of presents “Outsource Everything” at the Getting Results from Crowdsourcing event on 31 May 2010.

Matt explains that you can create a multimillion dollar empire overnight on a shoestring budget, using sites like his. He shows us examples of the types of things you can outsource, how his company came to be and why Crowdsourcing is the next big thing.

What types of projects do you outsource?

  • Bianca

    Matt says “We provide you with a liquid highly skilled labour force available on demand 24/7” (2:25). I have to disagree with him. One cannot dispute that the numbers are there, but the skills are not guaranteed. It's luck of the draw as to the level of skill of the freelancer you hire – even if you do read their reviews and use the rating system. I use myself and can say this from first hand experience. My advice to anyone using this service is to be careful. Choose carefully and choose freelancers who have done the SAME job in the past, not just ones with a high rating overall.

  • Claudio.Fuccette

    Bla Bla Bla, Tell us all about it Matt!

  • Nitin is scamming me for my 1012$

    Hi Good day, Freelancer is trying to scam me for 1012$. They are making stories and creating mess with me. Infact freelancer is trying to scam me for my hard earned money which i utilize to run my online business circle. I have got all screenshots which i will upload with my next messages that shows the complete amounts and every transaction. GAF is trying to scam me. They are contradicting THERE OWN WORDS EACH TIME. They are really trying to play with us. I am going to spread my these words all over till where i could reach… Or please provide my funds and complete this… After this i will simply go to facebook, gmail, yahoo, craigslit authorities to let know that how ppl are spamming there sites by purchaisng the content sold on freelancer. You cant scam me for my hard earned amounts.

    You can also review the screenshots of my id as a proof with complete information that how much funds GAF owe me and then how they suspended my id with funds in it.

    Nitin Naresh

  • Nitin is the biggest fraud party at this time.

    Here I m quoting a paragraph from freelancer’s support representative, The name is “Maria Cristina — Posted On: 17 Dec 2010 6:12 PM”
    An incomplete report works both ways. We give both parties to leave their comments on the project. Normally the buyer puts a comment first stating his experience with the provider that he has worked with. You can add detailed comments so it will also warn providers why the project didn’t work out and knowing this will make them think twice to work with the buyer.

    Here is an example of that how true these wordings are.

    Here is my profile on

    Where you can easily find out that a user with the user id “asdink1″ has posted a report incomplete to me. Where you can also see that I have posted my comments there. If the statement of freelancer support member is true then can any body show me that where is in the profile of “asdink1″ that he has posted a report incomplete to any project? is only interested in buying up failing outsourcing sites and collecting service fees to recover their costs. It’s best to stick with services with a proven record for putting integrity above investments, debt, and charges.

    It is going to a very funny situation, After one month I m getting same message from freelancer support,
    An incomplete report works both ways. We give both parties to leave their comments on the project. Normally the buyer puts a comment first stating his experience with the provide that he has worked with.

    As long as you have explained your side clearly both buyers and providers will know the situation.

    What a funny response.

    If report incomplete works both way then they should show me the details of project that was not completed and reported as incomplete by this buyer,

    What is the use to show comments only in my profile?? how other providers will come to know that this buyer is fraud and love to post report incomplete every provider…..

    I dont know that every person can understand this situation, can understand what I m saying. But freelancer support team has no mind, I think they are brainless. Thats why they come up with 1 month old argue, I already explained it. And when I explain them a straight forward thing,, they come to me by saying
    We do not appreciate your use of abusive language. This is your last warning. Further use of foul language will lead to the suspension, and even termination, of your account.

    They can not do any right favor for providers.

  • Shelly Bradman

    I need to know if this is true?

    I found many more complaints for the website. Also, why don’t your support team solve the query on urgent basis.

    Freelancers from all over the world depend on your platform for their money and how can you suspend the account without notification, when there is money in that particular account and user is with you from last 6 years?

    Can you explain this. What kind of support you provide?

    There is no phone number, no response to tickets, mails sent, no online chat available.

    How do you advice to contact you people for help! Even after contacting your support team so many times, no response.

    This is mental harassment for the freelancers who work so hard on the projects to get money and suddenly they see your mail saying account suspended without any notification.

    And after submitting all proof, no action is taken for days, and no replies.

    What will you say about this?

    I would like to know the answers.


  • Brian

    These people are scammers… google it.  Seriously bad.

  • Jimmy

    If you are about to use, don’t, you will not
    have peace for the rest of your life. If you’ve done business with them, be
    careful, read on. is harvesting your REAL data with your Photo.
    They will do anything so that you will submit your Government issued ID or
    Passport. The most common way is to suspend your account with your money inside.

    In order for you to recover your account you need to submit full
    color high resolution Government ID / Passport. They will reject it if it’s a black
    and white even with high resolution. Or they will reject color ID but low
    resolution. Or they will reject your ID card not issued by government. Does not
    make sense at all.

    Once you have submitted it, they will ask you to take your
    photo holding a code given by them and with your passport or government ID. They
    want to verify that you are real. Don’t you find this is fishy? This is just a
    freelancer website. Even website with high sensitivity and money involved (eg. Paypal,
    google checkout), they never ask you submit full color high resolution Government

    When you have this sensitive data and high resolution Gov ID,
    they can do anything. They can re-produce the card, apply for credit card. They
    literally can do anything with it.  They
    have your email address, real name, passport id, address, date of birth etc.
    Using this data I can impersonate you and call your bank. This is just simple example.
    Spam companies or other not legit company will pay top dollar your real data.

    When they refunded your money after you submitted your Gov
    ID, don’t be happy. Don’t think they are legit. Ask yourself why they need
    this? This is the first time a website ask for my Gov ID!

    For my case, I have $450 in my account and my account
    suspended.  Paypal will not help you to
    recover your money since this is a service. Which I’m very disappointed
    although it’s clearly to do with scam. The money is deposit, not purchasing any
    service from them. I have a choice to fight back through my bank. But
    definitely I will not send them my Gov ID. This company is from Australia. It’s
    NOT common for a company to ask for your full color high resolution Gov ID
    unless you deal with government agencies.

    If you need freelancer website, search from google. and odesk have good reputation. They have real people answering your
    phone. doesn’t have phone
    number and no address, just PO BOX. Their online chat customer supports are
    from 3rd world country. They don’t speak English, they just know how
    to type.

    Someone must investigate on this. This is alarming.

  • Jain

    Matt, very impressive.But have one problem about your business that is hurting alot of people. Its okay that you dont allow multiple accounts of any person but then why you are taking so long to resolve these kinds of issue. My name is Saurabh Barjatiya and would like you to bring this to your notice being a part of this site is the worst thing I have done in my life. This is what is my feeling. I am thinking sometime, what is your problem with people having multiple accounts. And who you are to verify people with their IDs and passports when they have multiple accounts.
    I seriously dont understand you.From your english and talk you seems to be very unfit to have such a large business.
    When your company can only hurt people, you can’t run your business for long time. If you think that your the boss,,,foooof, I have seen many people down into digs with in no time. Who the hell you are….
    Its already been more than two weeks, your customer service can’t resolve my issues. My id is akshat06. Would you be able to help speedup the process. They have even stopped the payment from my account and dont even respond for long long time. Very rude and unethical.

  • Tara Jones77

    same here brother my username is webj … i am suspended from past one month .. support is not even replying to my tickets .. freelancer is going worst day by day .

  • Guest

    Try reading this:

  • Freelance 4 Internship Jobs

    The challenge i see with freelancer etc. is that they do not give fresh and new talent a chance easily.. I have a small start-up aimed at giving direct connect to companies and freelancers especially from the youth community in college.

  • Lian

    To –
    Wrong with you guys. Stop scamming people. Why not just release our
    money? We have the right to withdraw it even if you terminated our
    accounts. We earned it and what? you will just get it on the front of
    us, I know, I am not the only one with the same problem like this. I
    Swear to get all the people who’ve experience same way i do on your
    system. I will make this a viral!!!! This is the only way we could fight
    out all your craps!!!

  • Neetu Tiwari

    Hey This freelancer has taken my 2 months income. From last 2 month i work hard and generated 2200$$ but after i withdraw my money in next day they block my account.

    i have small set here i have to pay people for there job but this freelancer has suspended as i got good 16 review in 45 days.

    guys this real scam they take money which i work hard to satisfy my client.

    Can anybody help to how do i solve as quickly as possible or i forget that money…:)

  • Cook Tim

    and it s been 6 years since then, and they conned me of 1200 euro today.

    here is my story :

    please help, as an employer i paid eur 1160 in 2 milestones for 1 project ( they were in pending ) . the freelancer told me my project cannot be done and he refunded the payment. !!! this is where it all began … the money is in the account but it wasnt automatically refunded to my debit card. they now ask me for a verification that i will not provide since i will not be using anymore due to this experience… i cannot live chat because it says i need to fully verify my account !! i wont do this because they should not have accepted the payment until the verification was made. !!! please help

    where can we report this ??? authorities sleeping ?

  • txprowriter

    Matt – Your company has ripped me off in the amount of $150. I hired a freelancer to help finish a website and, when I filed a complaint that it was not to my liking. He did not respond and his account suspended. He then proceeded to take down my website! NO ONE from your company will help me and YOUR COMPANY owes me $150 USD. I have also filed a complain with the FTC. CONSUMERS BEWARE of!! Matt Barrie needs to contact me at!!

  • Saroj Gupta is a cheater, they charge the money without any verification and once they have the money they block the account and ask for verification…. Shame on you!! That’s why people prefer

  • Ivania

    I keep seeing a bunch of stories like this. I got cheated by this company for the amount of 4.52 and 4.54. I had to use my bank and file a claim against this website. I contacted customer service and after 2 or three messages back and forth they stopped responding. My surprise was even bigger when I found out they disabled my account. It seems the have the habit of taking people’s money and after people complain to get back what belongs to them, they proceed to disabling or cancelling their account. This is the definition of a scamming website. Beware people!

    is a cheater, they block my money because they didn’t verify employer they message me this ( “Antoinette B.: Your payment will be withheld until your employer cooperates with us and completes our verification requirements.also they told me its not guarantee they will unblock my money
    ” ) employer has to been paid me 150$ . very low service for freelancers its only employer based site.

    Matt Shame on your team!!