Yvonne Adele, Chief Idealist of Ideas Culture


Yvonne Adele, Chief Idealist of Ideas Culture explains how she created her company “Ideas while you sleep” – practically overnight.

Sharing with us how she uses her own unique brainstorming techniques to generate ideas from around the globe…. literally while you sleep… Yvonne spoke at The Insight Exchanges Getting Results from Crowdsourcing event Check out the full presentation video:

Alec Lynch, CEO, DesignCrowd – 5 tips in 5 minutes

Alec Presentation slide

Alec Lynch, CEO of Australian competition platform DesignCrowd explains how Crowdsourcing can deliver amazing results. Alec gives us 5 tips in 5 minutes on how to effectively tackle the crowdsourcing process. Presented at The Insight Exchanges’ Getting Results from Crowdsourcing, 31 May, 2010.

Check out the video and five tips from Alec’s presentation below:


Why You Should Make Crowdsourced Tasks Meaningful


One of the ideas at the heart of effective crowdsourcing is understanding the non-financial incentives that attract and inspire workers. particularly the most the talented ones. Research from traditional workplaces shows that providing context to a task so that people understand why it is being done is a strong motivator. That is even more the case with crowdsourcing, where workers often have no idea of how their work will be used. Now some very interesting research gives insight into how meaning impacts workers on the crowdsourcing site Mechanical Turk.


10 Recommendations on how to use Graphic Design Competition Sites

Are you looking for a logo, business cards, stationery, or website design? One of the most effective ways to get it done is to go to a graphic design competition site such as 99designs, DesignCrowd, CrowdSpring, or Guerra Creativa.

However just signing up on these sites is not enough to get a great result. You have to do some work too. Here are 9 steps to getting the outcome you want from using a graphic design competition site.

What are Your Favorite Crowdsourcing Sites for Graphic Design?

What works best for you in using crowdsourcing for graphic design such as logos, stationery, brochures and websites?

Do you use design competition sites such as 99designs, CrowdSpring, or DesignCrowd, and if so which one is best?

Or do you prefer to use services marketplaces such as Odesk,, or Elance for your design tasks?

11 Crowdfunding Platforms and Examples

Crowdfunding is one of the more important aspects of crowdsourcing. Later I will write about the implications of the rise of crowdfunding for venture capital and other early stage funding sources. To start here are some examples of crowdfunding, many of them in creative domains.


Online Freelancing and the Future of Work Become Mainstream Topics

The Economist this week addresses the wonderful world of online freelancing and crowdsourcing, under the rubrik Work in the digital age. The full article is well worth a read.

The article points to the potential for online freelancing and piecework to account for a substantial part of global labor. While The Economist has touched on the issue before, this is now something that is a significant business issue which is going to start attracting a lot more coverage. The Economist notes:

Crowdsourcing Landscape – Discussion

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